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Brewed and manufactured in Honolulu Hawaii since 2001,” official whole-bean online coffee distribution wholesaler,” The Coffee Bean Roast is a specialty coffee retailer that specializes in 100% and 10% potency of pure roasted beans,” weve established partnership with industry fastest growing and second largest commodity in any worldwide trend”.

Since first opening our online store 2003″ manufacturing and processing coffee is a joint affiliate to fair trade market” we buy and sell “Kona coffee” from Hawaiian plantations and foreing country neighbors Malaysia, export import,” of popular mushroom coffee products ganocafe, ganoderma coffee, teas, reishi, lingzhi, herbs, supplements, nutrition products, flavored Hawaiian coffees.

Building a reputation online is top priority” we travel around the USA and different countries to better our coffee bean brand,” delivering the insight full bodied taste and aroma and only the best beans in the world.

We make sure every single cup of coffee made from our Kona beans, reishi coffee, ganocvafe coffee, will take you to Hawaii and Malaysia for that same smooth tasing and aromatic coffee flavor.


thank you very much.


Sincerely yours, The Coffee Bean Roast

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