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Try  Healthy Coffee Bean Beverages®  Superfood Powder Drinks – Derived Plant Based  Alternative For Energy

Searching the web for nourishing coffee beans super plant-based products and pure Teas brewed for a long time, try Exclusive red Tea Blends & More.

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High Quality & Great Tasting Healthy Infusion Drinks served hot or cold” The Ganoderma is absolutely smooth and richly flavored, robust gourmet flavors that will boost energy 3 times faster naturally” and that’s  our promise with a full money back guarantee or  full money back.

We offer Premium Quality · 100+ Caffeine Free Red Rooibos Tea Varieties · Loose Tea & Tea and Ganoderma Coffee Sachets Exclusive Blends



In case our infusion products confuse you” Today learn how coffee health and infused rooibos teas top selling herbal powdered beverages are considered a potency supplement,” everybody drinks coffee and tea” the premium whole-bean coffee miracle builds energy all day” red reishi extracts is a raw herb,” much like the popular blueberry sage and cucumber infusion,” you’ll have refined clear energy for endurance and longevity for countless hours,” the best part is theirs zero to no side effects,” here why!  all tinctures made from raw food” like black berries, macadamia nuts, cashews, peach, orange, basil, oregano, Indian sage, kiwi, coconut, strawberry, cucumber, raspberry and citrus lime or lemon,” a holist approach to balancing PH levels non-acidic beverages. The reviews mushroom coffee infusion get are listed on Wikipedia and more archives written in conjunction support health benefits.


    • Ganocafe Classic
    • Ganocafe 3-in-1
    • Ganocafe Mocha
    • Ganocafe Ginseng Tongkat Ali
    • Gano Tea SOD
    • Ganocafe Hazelnut
    • Gano Schokolade
    • Gano C’Real Spirulina Oats 
  • Gano Soap
  • Gano Fresh



CoffeebeanRoast.com our traditional health and wellness alternative beverages are the key to a successful coffee and drinking experience” now you can indulge even more,” our healthy coffee and red tea drinks infused with red reishi “The King Of Herbs In China,” Need more reasons,” infused beverages boost mental alertness and promotes wellbeing in every cup of Ganoderma drinks is 1400 mg of Reishi.

Enjoy full flavored and robust coffee infused with the most powerful superfood on earth “Ganoderma” also known as a magical mushroom and medicinal herbal extract enriched with well over 200 raw antioxidants and minerals.

Premium Quality · 100+ Tea Varieties · Loose Tea & Tea Sachets · Exclusive Blends

We’ve personally visited the Indonesian fair trade coffee plantation, as well as the sister plantation in Malaysia, we’re the “Reishi” also known as linzhi herbs are grown and harvested for the infusion process with dark whole beans that’s lightly roasted together to create Ganocafe coffee brand.

Our imported wholebeans from Indonesia,” packed and shipped fresh in the USA per customer order.

Once the infusion process is completed in Malaysia” the darkly roasted coffee beans are then shipped to Gano Excel headquarters in Irwindale CA,” for all new Gano cafe coffee phone orders call 510-868-8807 open Monday thru Friday 8 am to 5 pm Pacific standard time.

The dark roast assured is low acid forming,” meaning the darker the coffee the less caffeine,” an important nutritional factor wholesalers and coffee lovers need to incorporate regular diet.

We are an official fair trade coffee affiliate of Gano Excel company,” we take pride knowing coffee essential and herbal supplements are backed with Guarantee coffee purchase with full 100% money back within 30 days of a purchase order.

The coffee supplies are top sellers,  the nutraceutical herbs, and ginseng stamina brands top the list of well-being nutrition,” we encourage buyer’s and wholesalers to try the monthly auto-shipping program,” it guarantees users a preferred monthly packing and distribution orders – The program is optional when you sign up.

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