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Why Darker Beans Have More Aroma

Learn Why Darker Beans Have More Aroma


The best coffee beans are usually robust and flavorish textures” even the darkest bean coffee sold in gourmet stores must comply with USDA standards” most do and some dont” our gourmet flavored cafes from Gano Excel USA stand high above and beyond quality” weve made reishi enriched beans from low acidic bean growers in Guatemala” you’ll suddenly want more than usual” in fact when buyers of Gano cafe classic purchase the healthy coffee wholesale a uge discount is warranted by demand” also our coffee bean Facebook followers always shop with confidence and secured shopping convince a plus factor.

The reason darker beans smell stronger is basically the darker the coffee berry the richer the aroma” not only does roasting them at higher temperatures matter most” its the type of coffee roaster used at the Gano Excel roasting facilities in Irwindale CA contact us 510-868-8807 for more details and visit our company live for samples and wholesale buying opportunities.


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