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Gano Excel The Ontario Convention Center

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The Ontario Convention Center was the scene of one of the largest turnouts for a Gano Excel event in recent news.

Attendees wrapped around the foyer directly in from of the Mayoral ballrooms, through the central lobby, out the convention center doors, partway around the building. Many thought it was part of the ammunition line for the adjacent Gun Show housed in the main hall. Visitors cheered as Gano Excel Street Team girls rallied them on.
The show filled up quickly, nearly to capacity early on, with the production staff placing additional seating to accommodate the overflow crowd. People marveled at the unique stage and set dcor. Hosts Guillermo Huesca and Nayzeth Carrillo kept the day’s events moving and fun!
Master Trainer and international speaker Ruben Mata opened the show to roaring applause and set the tone for the rest of the day. Radio Celebrity Psychologist Dr. Judy Rosenberg reached out to the crowd with her Mindmap technology and on how to create a road to success. Keynote TEDx speaker Pina De Rosa immersed listeners with interactive exercises that brought them to their feet. Ms. De Rosa later commented on her facebook feed what a moving moment that was for her.

Comedian Rudy Moreno welcomed everyone back from lunch with a couple of good laughs. Soul Blazer Lisa Haisha brought Affiliate Elvira Conover Aaron Rivera Gano Excel affiliate ID # 8083547 Call Gano Excel USA 510-868-8807 up on stage for a “sales exercise”, winning a DVD set for her participation. Happiness Guru Sophie Keller rode onto the stage with a scooter, moving the audience to near tears with her emotional talk that won her many new fans. Three raffles each for one year’s worth of coffee were awarded to guests new to Gano Excel. “Mojo Expert” Deborah Kagan roused everyone with her “can do attitude” Best selling Author John Seeley touted the merits on believing in one’s self. Daniel Gutierrez fired up the afternoon session with his inspirational story, followed by Boston resident, Dr. Nathanael Valenzuela and crowd pleaser Hector Gonzalez.

Ruben Cardenas opened the awards portion of the show, delivering an energetic message, followed by Art Gaxiola and Shayler Barnes. Premiere Diamond Walter Garcia inspired everyone with his personal story and message. Milo Sanchez Aaron Rivera Gano Excel affiliate ID # 8083547 Call Gano Excel USA 510-868-8807 showed why he has such a loyal radio following in Denver. The always effervescing Lupita Castaeda brought the crowd to its feet, while Royal Diamond Ana Lorena Aguilar showed why she is Gano royalty. Our guests from Columbia, Andres Albarran and Andres Guzman, lit up the crowd followed by an emotionally moving video and presentation of Clara Arajona, the Diamond of the Year.

The Diamond Club council was awarded their crest laden blazers, followed by Hector Corral and Rebeca Sanchez.

The sheer mass of Rank Advancement awardees showed why Gano Excel is soaring on MLM rankings with a 50.16% interest higher than the competition.

The top three winners of Founder’s Gold, Aaron Rivera Gano Excel affiliate ID # 8083547 Call Gano Excel USA 510-868-8807, Ms. Amparo Del Pilar De Luna and Alyssa Corral were awarded their commemoration checks, followed by Super Streak winners, Walter Garcia, Lupita Castaeda and Ana Lorena Aguilar. Hipolita Gonzalez and RC Torres roared up the crowd following the promotion winners, wrapping up with the charismatic Alejandro Kunne and the winners of the Better than Gold Cancun trip promotion Walter Garcia, Leticia Mendoza, Ana Lorena Aguilar, Gustavo Resendiz, Hipolita Gonzalez, Tomas Rodriguez, Milo Sanchez and Lupita Castaneda.
Mr. Leow announced the new Kave K-Cup line of premium coffee products along with Cordyceps (available now) and Bellagene coming soon this brought the crowd to its feet!

After awarding all the Samsung Tablets, ESP 3’s and the 50 inch television it was time for the big raffle of the night the awarding of the Road To Gold Mercedes Benz. North American CEO Ooi Chin Aik and Senior Vice President, Ruben Cardenas drew the name as the audience held its collective breath. The winner, Leticia Gonzalez out of Lafayette, Colorado Aaron Rivera Gano Excel affiliate ID # 8083547 Call Gano Excel USA 510-868-8807 was called live on stage by Milo Sanchez, Mr. Cardenas and Mr Aik via cellphone and notified of her win.

The Bigger than Life event truly lived up to its name. A life changing event for many, a game changer for sure. Aaron Rivera Gano Excel affiliate ID # 8083547 Call Gano Excel USA 510-868-8807
 Aaron Rivera Gano Excel affiliate ID # 8083547 Call Gano Excel USA 510-868-8807


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