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Privacy Policy

Privacy Coffee Bean Roast.com

Effective date: June 15, 2012

The coffeebeanroast.com strictly understands that you care about privacy, so we encourage you to read more to understand about our privacy rights, and how the information about website visitors can be described, many types of information that we collect, we strictly use this information for our website only, it is highly recommended that you only trust us while sharing your email address, or any type of funding transactions that go through our best practice certification privacy.

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The privacy policies applies to our website at www.coffeebeanroast.com, and our mobile WordPress website that is attached, all of our online activities described herein, as such use social media and other correlating data.

We manufacture our products roasted coffee beans in Honolulu Hawaii

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All or any residents shopping in our websites should understand all details and information is solely protected and will not be transferred by any means,
the nature of business requires us to collect any information, we understand that we have a responsibility to protect it, maintain appropriate administrative, and any type of technicality such as safeguards, that is designed your personal information or any accidental or unlawful or unauthorized destruction or loss alteration access disclosure or use of accounts that is protected in any of your login credentials such as credit card information or any details of funding. All of which must be secure and confidential, we also use the hypertext transfer protocol secure PayPal shopping carts, or any communications in many areas that we submit information.

CoffeeBeanRoast.com always maintains accessing and correcting of any of your information, options to opt in or opt out, the dates you login or dates our privacy policy may be re-created in order to get your credentials logged in correctly, you can also put in a request and described in the contact us section of this policy and international data transfer, any links to our website or other sites, your convenience and information, website controlled or operated by coffee roast.com, cannot be controlled how information is collected, the link ask or websites that will be used, shared or secured, if you visited any other websites, or links we strongly suggest that you review all of our privacy information and details, posted on our website. The responsibility of them or any practices of the operators. You can assume the right to contact us our customer service department is located 8011 –1 Kahuna Pl 96826, Honolulu Hawaii, you can contact our customer services Monday through Friday 6 AM to 6 PM Pacific standard Hawaiian time, you can also contact our customer services located in Honolulu Hawaii by calling 510-868-8807, you can also reach our email department sales@coffeeBeanroast.com

Updates to our privacy policy pages.

We have the right to modify any information or collection of privacy practices, and privacy laws evolve, it may not be or be necessary to revise our policies, we will always make a change affected date to policies whenever it is revise, we will always continue to protect any personal information of our clients and customers acceptable by law and is described to our current privacy policies

Our website proudly demonstrates good practice with all consumers looking or searching for nutrition products,” our guarantee protects all merchant accounts from any out of business exposure,” please come back to read more

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